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ESMBA statement rules that clubs are to remain closed

Following the Government’s guidance on the reopening of indoor sports and leisure facilities, which was updated on 17th July, some clubs have queried whether they are now allowed to start playing again. Barry Hedges has now issued a statement on behalf of the ESMBA Management Committee  to clarify the situation which clearly states that they do not support clubs resuming at this time. As a member county of the ESMBA the Norfolk CSMBA advises all of its clubs to follow this advice. The 'Route Map' to bowling again will be published on the ESMBA website at a later date. 

ESMBA Statement 20th July 2020

Following a meeting of the Management Committee this weekend, a ‘Route Map’ to bowling again and the basis of our guidance notes was agreed. These documents are being updated and prepared for sending to Sport England for approval as per Government guidelines. It is hoped that these will be sent over in the next week. Until such time as these documents are approved, and the Government give us the consent to start bowling again, the recommendation to clubs and associations is to remain closed for the safety of its members. The ESMBA does not support clubs resuming at this time. Once these documents are approved they will be uploaded to the ESMBA Web site with full instructions of how to progress with getting your club Covid-19 safe and approved for opening again.

Barry Hedges

ESMBA Chairman on behalf of the ESMBA Management Committee

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