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Bure League Committee announcement for new season

In the light of the continuing Covid-19 pandemic the Bure League Committee has agreed its plans for the 2020/21 season. Due to the amount of forward planning needed to play and agree venues and dates, the Bure Singles, Bure Pairs & Bure Triples Championships, as well as the Bure Cup, will not be held this winter. The cancellation of these competitions will free up venues to fit in their Bure League matches if circumstances change and the sport is allowed to resume at some stage. If the sport is able to resume before the end of December 2020 clubs will be asked to contact each other to arrange their fixtures. If the situation has not improved by the end of December, or playing the four triples per team format is still not allowed, the 2020/21 season will not take place and the league would then plan for a 2021/22 restart. Bure League Chairman Selwyn Goldsmith said that even if some clubs are able to adhere to the “approved guidance being published by the relevant national governing body” (The ESMBA will publish this guidance on their web site after the documents have been sent to Sport England for approval as per Government guidelines) it is unlikely that competitive league bowls will be able to be played for some time as the various league clubs are unlikely to be able to comply with the approved guidance at the same time. Bure League member clubs are advised that ESMBA Chairman Barry Hedges, on behalf of the ESMBA Management Committee, has said that until such time as these documents are approved, and the Government give us the consent to start bowling again, the recommendation to clubs is to remain closed for the safety of its members. The Bure League AGM is normally held in July each year when all fixtures and competitions are finalized but because of the current situation it will not be held. The Committee agreed that all Officers will remain in place until such a time that the AGM can be held and elections conducted. Current Officers are Chairman – Selwyn Goldsmith, Vice Chairman – Keith Cooke, Secretary – Lianne Mills and Treasurer – Elaine Willies.

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Empty mats - until short mat bowls resumes

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