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BURE CUPS 2022/23

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Bure Cup 2022/23

Results supplied by S Goldsmith

Preliminary Round - play by 18-11-22

Hevingham 22 (101) v Horsford BC 2 (29) 1st Leg

Horsford BC 5 (37) v Hevingham 11 (57) 2nd Leg 

Aggregate score Hevingham 33 Horsford BC 7

Semi-Finals - play by 13-1-23  

Hevingham 8 (61) v Halvergate 16 (84) 1st Leg

Halvergate v Hevingham 2nd Leg conceded by Hevingham 

Aggregate score Halvergate 16 Hevingham 8

East Tuddenham 21 (97) v Thorpe Marriott 3 (38) 1st Leg

Thorpe Marriott 9 (45) v East Tuddenham 7 (47) 2nd Leg

Aggregate score East Tuddenham 28 Thorpe Marriott 12

Final - play by 31-3-23

East Tuddenham 15 (72) v Halvergate 9 (60) 1st Leg

Halvergate 18 (78) v East Tuddenham 6 (61) 2nd Leg 

Aggregate score East Tuddenham 21 Halvergate 27

Bure Cup games are played over two legs with aggregate points score deciding the winners. If this is equal the team with the most shots is declared the winner. Home team to return result sheet to Bure Cup Secretary within 7 days of EACH match being played.

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