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Hemsby so close as Woodbastwick Owls retain Coastal title

Woodbastwick Owls have made a habit of running away with the Coastal League title in recent years, but this season it took a 15-3 home win in the final match of the season to see the Owls retain the title on shot difference ahead of Hemsby Beachcombers. Hemsby’s last match of the campaign saw them beat Woodbastwick Owls 12-6 and this left them sitting top of the table 31 points clear of defending champions Woodbastwick Owls with hopes high of lifting the title. But the Owls still had two matches to play and everything to play for. The first was an away game against a Martham side who had only won two games this season and the result was a heavy 16-2 win for the Owls.  Woodbastwick Owls final match was a home game against third placed Bradwell Dynamos with the Owls needing to win by at least 15-3 to deny Hemsby Beachcombers the title on shot difference. That turned out to be the exact result leaving both Woodbastwick Owls and Hemsby Beachcombers level on 181 points but with the Owls on +393 and the Beachcombers on +335 shots. Hemsby Beachcombers will look back on their only home defeat of the season, an 11-7 defeat against Bradwell Dynamos in late October, as the result that cost them the title.

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