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Halvergate dominate Bure Triples Finals

The Finals Night of the Bure Triples Championships were held at Horsford Heroes venue at St Faiths where Halvergate dominated proceedings. Both their triples contested a tight final which saw Ray Lamb, Morgan Warnes & Simon Warnes emerging as champions. Jason Woods, Robbie Lamb & Keith Cooke began the final well taking two shots on the opening end before Simon Warnes’ triple pulled one shot back on the second end. On the third end Cooke played a great bowl to take shot and Simon Warnes inadvertently gave Cooke another one when his attempt to retrieve the situation ended with him promoting one of his opponent’s bowls into the head. The fourth end saw Simon Warnes redeem himself when a great last bowl played with pace earned his triple two shots to cut the deficit to 4-3 but Cooke’s triple regained their two shot advantage with a single on the next end. Merriment was brought to this competitive but friendly final on the sixth end when Keith Cooke’s brave attempt to play a difficult shot resulted in his bowl wobbling off the mat. He had been left in a poor position by his triple though and the end proved to be pivotal as Ray Lamb, Morgan Warnes & Simon Warnes took three shots to lead the final for the first time by 6-5. On the penultimate end both skips had one wood left to bowl with Cooke’s triple holding shot a few inches behind the jack on the left hand side of the mat. Warnes then produced a lovely forehand draw to take shot which Cooke failed to better leaving Simon Warnes’ triple protecting a two shot lead going into the final end. It proved to be a somewhat messy last end but Ray Lamb, Morgan Warnes & Simon Warnes came out of it as the new Bure Triples Champions with an 8-5 win. In the semi-finals Simon Warnes’ triple had defeated the defending champions, Betty Cox, David Sharpe & Steve Hall of Hevingham, by winning a dramatic extra end when their game had finished level at 6-6. The other semi-final saw Keith Cooke’s triple defeat Woodbastwick’s Willie Jefferies, Norma Jablonowski & Peter Jablonowski by 6-4 although some confusion occurred when Jason Woods returned the scorecard showing a 6-4 win for Woodbastwick. The quarter-final results saw Simon Warnes’ triple beating Sheila Redwood, Richard Perkins & John Jarvis of Thorpe Marriott 16-2, Keith Cooke’s triple beating John Turner, Simon Willies & Melvin Woods of East Tuddenham 6-5, Betty Cox, David Sharpe & Steve Hall of Hevingham beating Sylvia Turner, Kath Frost & Tony Turner of Thorpe Marriott 5-4 and Woodbastwick’s Willie Jefferies, Norma Jablonowski & Peter Jablonowski beating Brenda Sizer, Diane Boswell & Mick Boswell of Windows 6-4 after an extra end.   

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