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Mulbarton make winning return to competitive bowling

After an absence of several years Mulbarton returned as a NCSMBA registered club and their first taste of action in the South Norfolk League. Mulbarton began their campaign with a home match against Saxlingham Nethergate and will be delighted after winning three of the four games. C Partner’s triple won 18-13, T Whittaker’s triple won 16-13 and A Rank’s triple scored a notable 14-9 win against Norfolk Premier bowler Robert Howlett. Saxlingham’s only win though was a big 20-5 victory for P Cook against E Bell which enabled the visitors to collect the two bonus points and restrict Mulbarton to a 6-4 home win. Saxlingham also suffered an 8-2 away loss at Hingham. Top scoring for Hingham were M White’s triple with a 17-7 win while G Tweed won 15-6 and J Chapman won 18-15. S Hook’s triple were the only Saxlingham triple to win with a 13-11 result. Horsford Heroes began their campaign with an 8-2 away win at Connaught where Vic Webster’s triple won 18-6, David Crosby’s triple won 19-10 and Chris Woodhouse’s triple won 16-9. Owen Secker’s Connaught triple replied with a 19-7 win against Roger Frank’s triple. Connaught fared much better at home to Hingham in a match that saw them collect all ten points. R Taylor’s triple won 19-6, P McDonald won 16-8, R Broad won 15-8 and M Minshall won 13-7.  

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