"I am a Norfolk man and Glory in being so." Horatio Nelson


Three Norfolk clubs prepare to return to short mat bowls

In the first week that short mat bowls clubs were able to gain Safe Club status three Norfolk clubs were among them. Connaught, First Bus and Hingham can now prepare to legally resume playing short mat bowls again after receiving their certificates. Three other Norfolk clubs have also started the process to gaining their certificate. This should prove hugely encouraging to other NCSMBA clubs who are still studying the documents which were recently supplied to them. Coronavirus, and the government restrictions resulting from it, brought the sport to a complete halt but finally there seems to be daylight at the end of the tunnel for bowlers eager to take to the mats once again. Clubs are reminded that they must not resume playing again until they have applied for, and received, Safe Club certificates from the ESMBA via the NCSMBA Safeguarding Officer. 


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