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Latest Information for Norfolk Short Mat Bowlers

All Norfolk CSMBA club contacts should have received, about two weeks ago, information regarding a safe return to bowls from NCSMBA Safeguarding Officer Teresa Goldsmith. Information regarding registering your club and players for 2020/21 was also included which was sent to all Club Secretaries who are on the latest club contact list held by the NCSMBA. The NCSMBA recognise that in some cases club contacts may have changed and the NCSMBA not updated, so if your club has not received this information please contact Teresa as soon as possible. Contact details for Teresa can be found on the Management Page of the NCSMBA website. Four clubs have already returned completed “Risk Assessment” forms which have been checked by Teresa and been forwarded to the ESMBA. These will now be considered by the ESMBA Safeguarding Officer Lynn Dean. Once the Risk Assessments have been checked, and if they are passed, the clubs will be issued their “Safe Club Status Certificate” allowing them to return to bowls. The NCSMBA understands that some Norfolk clubs are unable to prepare a return to bowling at the moment as their venues have not reopened, other clubs have decided not to return to bowls as yet. The Safeguarding Officer/Membership Secretary wishes to thank the clubs who have contacted her with the information that they do not intend to register for the 2020-21 season. Those clubs are advised to still register their club with the NCSMBA so that they can continue, as a member club, to receive any updated information that the County Association receives from the ESMBA. Under the government guidance, agreed with the Department of Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport,  clubs will be unable to resume short mat bowls unless risk assessments have been approved by the ESMBA via their County Association and a “Safe Club Status” Certificate granted. Clubs are also encouraged to study the details of the ESMBA Community Emergency Fund, details of which have also been sent to clubs. This fund is now live and applications from clubs are encouraged.  Clubs should contact ESMBA Treasurer Simon Willies with any enquiries or applications relating to this fund. If individual bowlers have not yet been contacted by their clubs they are advised to contact their club secretary to find out if their club have discussed a return to short mat bowls. Any bowlers who are Officers or Delegates on the NCSMBA Committee, or sit as Officers on any NCSMBA League Committee, are reminded that they need to remain as registered players within the NCSMBA to serve on any such committee. Any short mat bowls clubs in Norfolk who are not currently members of the NCSMBA but wish to apply for ESMBA “Safe Club Status” should contact Teresa Goldsmith for details on how to join the Association and apply. These are difficult times and many of our bowlers are greatly missing not just playing short mat bowls, but also the social contact with fellow bowlers. While it currently looks unlikely that league bowls will return this winter, hopefully during 2021 the situation will improve and normal bowling can resume.  

Teresa G rs

Teresa Goldsmith - NCSMBA Safeguarding Officer

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