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Latest League news

Connaught “A” won their local derby in the Breckland League by 10-0 at Connaught “B” to keep alive their dreams of a return to the glory days when they dominated the league for years. Mike Minshull’s triple won by 25-5 and Lee Fallows won 20-8. Defending champions Wymondham visited title rivals Carleton Rode and a hard game saw them emerge with a 6-4 win to leave them one point behind Connaught. Chris Mann’s triple won 22-7 and Jon Sparham’s triple won 23-9 to secure the match points. Carleton Rode kept their title hopes alive with a 10-0 win at Shropham where Karl Newby’s triple won 17-9 and Graham Mobbs’ triple won 23-8. Thetford will be pleased with an 8-2 win at Hingham where Kieran Suffolk’s triple won by 27-8. Harling Unicorns won 8-2 at home to Banham with Mike Tarrent’s triple winning 33-4. East Tuddenham got their revenge for a home defeat by Hevingham with a surprise 10-0 away win. Hevingham failed to find their form on the night as the visitors swept the board winning on all four mats. Simon Willies’ triple won 15-6, Rob Howlett’s triple won 18-11, Robin Amos won 14-12 and Melly Woods won by 16-14.

Karl Newby rs50

17-9 win for Karl Newby

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