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Thorpe Marriott push Halvergate in brave display

Thorpe Marriott visited Halvergate for the second leg of their Bure Cup semi-final just  two points behind after a close first leg at Marriott. Halvergate would have hoped to quickly extend that lead but found Thorpe Marriott offering stout resistance. The first session was shared with Keith Cooke’s triple winning 12-1 for the home side while Jenny Walker, Mandy Marshall & John Jarvis replied by beating Halvergate’s Donna Lamb, Jamie Forster & David Lamb 6-5. The second session followed the same pattern with David Knights, Simon Warnes & Ryan Fox of Halvergate beating Ted Redwood & Tony Turner, playing without a number two, by 12-6 while Thorpe Marriott’s Sheila Redwood, Andy George & Derek Sheldrake beat Keith Baker, Ray Lamb & Robbie Lamb by 9-6. The third session saw Halvergate still unable to put the game to bed as David Lamb’s triple won 8-3 but Thorpe Marriott replied with a 4-3 win by John Jarvis’s triple against Kerry Greenacre, Jackie Smith & Keith Cooke. The fourth session finally saw Halvergate open up a six point lead with Robbie Lamb winning 11-0 and Ryan Fox winning 5-1. The penultimate session also saw Halvergate win on both mats with David Lamb’s triple winning 12-1 and Ryan Fox’s triple winning 10-4. With semi-final victory secured by Halvergate the final session was left unplayed as Thorpe Marriott conceded but only after a sterling performance against a team who rarely lose at home. In the Bure League Horsford BC entertained Thorpe Marriott and the match ended with both teams level on shots at 49 each. But it was Thorpe Marriott who recorded a 6-4 away win courtesy of winning on two mats and drawing on one while Horsford BC won on just one mat. Graham Rouse, Lynn Couzins & Dennis Seaton scored the Horsford win beating Tony Turner’s triple 17-10. For Thorpe Marriott Kath Frost’s triple won 12-10, John Jarvis’s triple won 13-8 while Tony Oram’s triple held home skip Janet Seaton to a 14-14 draw. Just before Christmas Thorpe Marriott had beaten Horsford BC 7-3 where Derek Sheldrake’s triple won 23-5 and Tony Oram’s triple won 29-5. Dennis Seaton’s Horsford triple won 15-14 while Tony Turner’s home triple were held to an 11-11 draw by john Bugg’s triple.

Ryan Fox rs28

Ryan Fox of Halvergate

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