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Connaught move top of the Breckland League

Two successive wins for Connaught “A” have moved them to the top of the Breckland League. Pat Benefer, Sylvia Parsons & Lee Fallows beat Linda Preece’s triple 28-4 and Sheila Bragg’s triple won 15-10 to earn them a 6-4 home win against Forncett. Two nights later Connaught “A” beat local rivals Connaught “B” 10-0 scoring 88 shots against 40. Thetford won 6-4 at home to Hingham with Susan Colledge, Chloe Suffolk & Jason Martin amassing a 39-7 win against John Higgs’ triple. Shropham won 7-3 at home to Harling Unicorns with Pat Gobbold, David Brown & Dennis Green beating Roger Braham’s triple by 17-8. Hingham’s Will Townsend, John Chapman & Pat Groombridge won 25-3 in their teams 6-4 home win against Banham while Pat Roache, Janet Higgs and John Higgs added a 21-4 win.  

Sheila Bragg rs18

15-10 win for Connaught "A" skip Sheila Bragg


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