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Halvergate lift Bure Triples title

The Bure Triples Championships were hosted by Horsford BC with the five triples playing to a round robin format. Halvergate’s Ray Lamb, Steve Hall & Keith Cooke went through the evening unbeaten to lift the title with a maximum eight points. Hevingham’s Teresa Goldsmith, Jane James & Selwyn Goldsmith finished as runners-up with six points after three wins. Horsford’s John Lofthouse, Sally Bates & Keith Ruddock were third on four points. East Tuddenham’s Gerald Potter, John Turner & Robin Amos collected two points and finished fourth while Thorpe Marriott’s Lydia Kettlewell, Gavin Gray & Jack Gray failed to score. 

bure triples 1

Halvergate's Keith Cooke, Ray Lamb & Steve Hall won the Bure Triples Championship

bure triples 2

Hevingham's Selwyn Goldsmith, Jane James & Teresa Goldsmith were the runners-up

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