"I am a Norfolk man and Glory in being so." Horatio Nelson


Wymondham roll on

The Wymondham bandwagon rolled on as they won 9-1 at home to Connaught in the Breckland League. Roger Steele, Mark Linsdell & Chris Mann beat Owen Secker’s triple 30-12 while Hayley Stratton, Brian Saunders & Jack Pye beat Sheila Bragg’s triple 24-7. Carleton Rode kept up what is now looking a fruitless pursuit of the defending champions by beating Forncett 10-0. Morris Taylor, Trish Taylor & Neil Davidson beat Merv Boulter’s triple 24-7. Harling Griffins beat Shropham 8-2 with Betty Murphy, George Hume & Jill Hayman beating Philip Cussack’s triple 31-8. Defending City of Norwich League champions Horsford BC collected 27 points from 28 this week to move top of the table. They won 13-1, 85-23 on shots, at home to Windows and then beat Horsford Heroes 14-0 scoring 60 shots against 23. Horsford BC also won 14-2 at home to Framingham Earl in the City League Shield semi-final.

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