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British Isles spots for Norfolk bowlers

England Manager Stephen McAlister has named his teams for the British Isles Championships and has included Jack Pye, Gary Best & Chris Willies in the England Premier team. Pye & Best will play at lead and number two with AJ Brown of Oxfordshire & Ross Dunkley of West Mids in England’s rink one while Chris Willies is named at number three in a rink two skipped by Kent’s Jody Frampton. Selected in the England “A” team are Simon Willies & Jason Woods who will play at number three & skip respectively in the England “A” team rink three. It will be a busy weekend for Simon Willies & Jason Woods who are also selected in the individual triples event with Woods skipping and Willies at number two.    

England Premier

Rink 1 J Pye, G Best, AJ Brown, R Dunkley

Rink 2 A Kley, N Caines, C Willies, J Frampton

Rink 3 P Pomeroy, J Hale, S Harvey, A Smith

Rink 4 T Perris, J McLean, J Smith, R Knight (capt)

Singles A Kley. Pairs P Goodman, J McLean

Triples C Strong, J Pitcher, R Dunkley

Fours P Pomeroy, T Perris, J Smith, S Harvey

England “A”

Rink 1 D Hogben, O Hipkiss, E Sawbridge, M Doorey

Rink 2 J Lax, E James, D Winmill, G Harvey

Rink 3 S Featherstone, R Stagg (capt) S Willies, J Woods

Rink 4 G Main, L Durman, N Wyatt, A Fautley

Singles G Harvey. Pairs E James, D Winmill

Triples S Featherstone, S Willies, J Woods

Fours W Clarke, J Mills, E Weaver, M Doorey

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