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Willies' rink retain Norfolk Fours title

Simon Willies, Jason Woods, Keith Cooke & Chris Willies retained the Norfolk County Fours title at Hingham. With an all time low entry of just four rinks County Competition Secretary Mike Smail ran the event on a round robin system. Chris Willies’ rink finished on four points and +26 shots after a 21-1 win against Bob Oatway’s rink, a 14-6 win against Halvergate’s Karl Newby, Robbie Lamb, Ryan Fox & David Lamb and a 9-7 defeat to Morgan Warnes, Simon Warnes, Chris Mann & Gary Best. In second place were David Lamb’s rink who also finished on four points with a +19 shots total after beating Gary Best’s rink 21-1 and Bob Oatway’s rink 12-5 but their 14-6 loss to Willies was fatal. Best’s rink finished third with three points while Bob Oatway’s rink finished with one point.

2022 fours first

    Fours winners Chris Willies, Jason Woods, Simon Willies & Keith Cooke

2022 fours second

Fours runner-ups Karl Newby, David Lamb, Robbie Lamb & Ryan Fox

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