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Irish ace Pauline Beattie wins SMPT UK Open

Irish ace Pauline Beattie is the new SMPT UK Open champion after beating England’s Dan Winmill 12-8 in the final at the Falcon Club in Chelmsford on Sunday. Pauline Beattie made a strong start but Dan Winmill fought hard to keep his hopes alive going into the last end. Pauline’s three shot lead at that stage though made the task just too difficult for Dan against a player of her experience. Daniel Sands beat Chris McWhinnie 12-8 in the Plate Final while Tim Harwood beat Alan Harwood 14-3 in the Shield Final. Seven Norfolk bowlers made the journey to Essex to compete but only Karl Newby of Carleton Rode qualified from the group stages into the main UK Open Cup event. His biggest win in the group stages was a 28-2 result against Kyle Bainbridge of Wales in his first game on Saturday morning and Newby went on to beat Paul Seaman 10-4 in the first knock-out round on Sunday. The second knock-out round saw Karl Newby up against brilliant Irish bowler PJ Gallagher and the Irishman powered to victory by 16-5 to end Karl’s involvement. Three of the Norfolk players, Jack Pye, Simon Warnes & David Blundell, qualified for the Plate competition which is for bowlers finishing in third and fourth positions in the groups. Jack Pye of Wymondham was drawn in a strong Group 6 that included Ireland’s Joseph Beattie and Sweden’s Benny Sjogren. Beattie won the group with Sjogren second just one point ahead of Pye. Sjogren’s 12-10 win against Jack Pye proved to be the vital game that left Pye in third place in the group. With the Plate to play for Pye looked impressive in the knock-out rounds on Sunday. He beat the talented Joel Hager 14-5 in the first knock-out round and then beat Rob Wade 11-8. The third knock-out round saw more success for Jack Pye as he beat Peter Hore 16-6. Jack’s run came to an end in the next round as he went down by 11-6 against Thomas Coles. Simon Warnes & David Blundell found themselves facing each other in the first knock-out round with the Norfolk derby won by Simon Warnes by just one shot. In the second round Warnes was eliminated after losing by just 10-9 to Chris Coates. The remaining three Norfolk bowlers, Steve Easter, Neil Davidson & John Jeffery, all finished in the bottom two places in their respective groups so played in the Shield section. Neil Davidson progressed the furthest in the knock-out rounds beating Kate Morgan 19-3 and Jamie Wade by 9-8 before losing 12-8 against Jonas Hager. John Jeffery won his first knock-out round match by 12-6 against Thelma Hacker before losing 19-2 against Jonas Hager who inflicted more damage on Norfolk hopes. Steve Easter of Wymondham lost his first knock-out round match by 14-6 to Kevin Davies of Wales.

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