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Bure League AGM votes to resume Singles, Pairs & Triples events

The Bure League Annual General Meeting was held at Thorpe Marriott on Tuesday 2nd August. The Chairman reported that unfortunately none of the three clubs who left the league after the season 2018/19 had applied to re-join and therefore the league would consist of just the five clubs who competed last season when play was resumed after the covid crisis had begun to improve. Several options were discussed to increase the number of games played but a decision was made to continue playing the same system used last season which will give the clubs eight league games apiece, four home and four away. The Bure Cup will also continue as it did last year with just one preliminary round followed by the semi-finals and final. Horsford BC will play Hevingham in the Preliminary round with the winner facing Halvergate in the semi-finals. East Tuddenham will play Thorpe Marriott in the other semi-final tie. A decision was made to re-introduce the Bure Singles, Pairs & Triples Championships but because of the reduced number of clubs each competition will be played to a finish on one night, with each club nominating their sole entry. In the case of the defending champions they will automatically represent their club. The Singles will be played at Hevingham on 4-4-23, the Pairs at Horsford BC on 5-4-23 and the Triples at Thorpe Marriott on 11-4-23. Club delegates also voted to extend the special rules brought in last season for another season. This will allow clubs who can only raise ten or eleven players to use one or two subs in the second half who have already played in the first session. Delegates also agreed to extend the rule regarding playing straight through without having an interval break. All Officers were re-elected, Selwyn Goldsmith of Hevingham as Chairman/Results Secretary/Bure Cup Secretary/ Bure Competitions Secretary. Keith Cooke of Halvergate remains Vice Chairman, Lianne Mills of Woodbastwick as Secretary and Elaine Willies of East Tuddenham as Treasurer.

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