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ESMBA Safe Club update and other info

The ESMBA have issued an update for clubs who have obtained Safe Club Status which appears below and is effective from Thursday 1st July 2021. The closing date for entries to the 2021-22 Inter-County Championships, which is to be played to a new truncated format involving half the bowlers playing at home and half playing away on the same day, has been put back to the end of July in an effort to attract interest from more counties. The ESMBA Annual General Meeting is scheduled to take place on Saturday 24th July 2021 at Woodland Grange, Old Milverton Lane, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, CV32 6RN at 10am. The ESMBA have stated that due to Covid regulations they need to know how many people will be attending and have asked to be advised of these numbers by 17th July, with names if possible.     


The ESMBA are pleased to announce further relaxations for Safe Bowls Clubs who are already fully conversant with the Covid Protocols. Compliance with the Rule of 6 must be adhered to and the distance between mats must remain at 3 metres. 1) Safe bowls Clubs may play against other clubs with Safe Bowls Status, including entering leagues and undertaking friendly matches providing the 12-hour rule for triples is complied with. The Home teams Covid procedures must be adhered to by both teams. 2) Measuring will be allowed providing it is conducted by 1 nominated player per mat, and any equipment compromised in the process is fully sanitised after each measure. 3) Scoreboards will be allowed if only 1 person is nominated to make any updates i.e., every other end. The scoreboard must be sanitised before and after use. Please ensure wipes are used for the purpose if an electric scoreboard is used – do not use spray. 4) Club bowls can now be used by one person per session (no sharing) and they are sanitised before and after use. Social distance must be maintained when collecting club bowls from storage. 5) Live bowls/jack in the ditch can be marked positionally in the normal manner (chalked) only by nominated bowlers, any compromised equipment must be thoroughly sanitized before starting the next end. Spray chalk must still be used to mark Touchers. All other aspects in the Approved Risk Assessment remain in place. Club Committees and Safeguarding Officers must ensure they are aware of the changing government guidance, especially regarding any new strains or symptoms, or changes to home testing or isolation requirements.

Barry Hedges ESMBA Chairman on behalf of the ESMBA Management Committee

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