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Potters Short Mat Breaks Update

Updated Potter’s Short Mat Bowls Break information for the “East Coast Triples & Pairs Week” and the “Potter’s Cup Weekend” organised by Teresa & Selwyn Goldsmith


“East Coast Triples & Pairs Week”

As previously announced the “East Coast Triples & Pairs Week” held at Potter’s Resort and scheduled to start on 3rd May 2021 cannot now take place this year as Potter’s Resort will remain closed on that date due to the Government’s Covid restrictions. Potter’s Resort have now confirmed to us that the new date for this event is Monday 2nd May 2022 and that all bookings have been transferred over to the new date. For all those that are booked in, and have already paid for this break, your price at time of booking is of course guaranteed but will now be even better value as this break is now “All-Inclusive.” Drinks will now be included in the break and over the course of a week you all know how much you can spend on teas, coffees, beer and wine etc so this break is outstanding value! Any queries please contact Teresa on 01603-403628 and remember that your bookings are covered by Potter’s Coronavirus “Book with Confidence” guarantee.

“Potter’s Cup Weekend”

As many of you know the “Potter’s Cup Weekend” that should have taken place in September 2020 would have been the 20th Anniversary Year of this event. Following discussions with Potter’s Resort they have guaranteed that anyone who paid their deposit last year, and carried their booking forward to 24th September 2021, will have the break at the price advertised at that time. In the past you have always had the option of booking either a 2 night or 3 night break although in recent years the 3 night break has become the increasingly popular option. Under Potter’s new holiday structure, they are now only offering 3 night weekend breaks but all 2 night bookings for the Potter’s Cup 2021 will be honoured. This means that only a 3 night break can be offered for new bookings taken for this event. The good news is that this event will now be “All-Inclusive” so will include your teas, coffees, beer & wine etc making the break brilliant value. New Bookings for the 3 Night "Potter’s Cup 2021" break can now be taken - Standard Bungalow accommodation £289 per person, Bungalow Plus accommodation £296-50 per person, Hotel Premier £324 and Hotel Deluxe £344. 

Potters Resort are currently receiving an extremely high number of bookings for their breaks and many dates are already sold-out. We still have a limited amount of places available for both the Potter’s Cup 2021 on September 24th and the East Coast Triples & Pairs Week 2022 scheduled for 2nd May 2022. We can now confirm that the prices for the “All-Inclusive” Potter’s Cup in September are as follows. Standard Bungalow accommodation £289 per person, Bungalow Plus accommodation £296-50 per person, Hotel Premier £324 and Hotel Deluxe £344. Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to inform you of the prices for May 2022 as these will not be set by Potter’s for a couple of months but if you wish to secure a place for this event please phone Teresa. Please note that the special prices for the Potter’s Short Mat Bowls Breaks” organised by us are way below Potter’s brochure prices as we organise, and run, both of the events thereby freeing up Potters own staff. Therefore these events can only be booked through Teresa at these special prices. Please contact Teresa on 01603-403428 with any questions about these events.

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