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ESMBA Update published 10-4-21



The ESMBA have published the following update to their "Roadmap." It is published below for the information of NCSMBA clubs.  

We recently published our approach to return to safe bowls in our roadmap. Part of that is the transition back to competitive bowls, The ESMBA along with other National Governing Bodies, where appropriate, response to the holding of competitive events is; World Championships (Belgium March 21) - unfortunately these have had to be postponed for a second time due to COVID 19 restrictions. All being well these championships are planned to be held in Belgium in March 22. A further update is planned after the World Bowls Council meeting on 27th March 21. The players originally selected to represent England in 2020 will be given first refusal for the 2022 championships. Inter County Championships - The counties remaining in their respective championships (semi finals) will be asked if they would like to conclude the competition to be held in September 21. It is hoped to organise an ICC event from October 21, however the format is likely to be different for this year as we ease ourselves back into regular competitive bowling. National Championships - The finals in April 21 have been postponed with a view to rearrange for September 21. A questionnaire was issued recently aimed at registered players that qualified for the 2020 National finals to gauge feelings towards playing in the finals and future Championship format. This went to County Secretaries and Competition Organisers to distribute. If you haven’t seen a copy please speak to your County contacts. Your views are important and will help inform the ESMBA’s approach to the Championships. National Championships for the season 2021/22 are being planned however the format may well be different to take account of the likely changes to our daily lives. TLH Top team - The event due in may has fallen foul to the COVID-19 regulations and has been postponed. The good news is the teams who have qualified will be offered their place for May 22. Alternatively people who have paid a deposit can put this towards a break with TLH when circumstances allow. British Isles Championships - The British Isles Council met recently to discuss the forthcoming championships in November 21 releasing a statement confirming that the championships are planned to go ahead, however the timing and format may differ from the norm. A further update is planned after the Government COVID 19 update on 17th May 21. Top team event - Now planned to take place in January 22 again reliant on planned Government COVID 19 announcements. ESMBA Diary - A draft diary is being prepared to reflect our approach to getting back to competitive bowling. A decision is still to be made whether any open competitions will be organised. In conclusion, it must be made clear this update is based on the latest COVID-19 regulations and will be updated based on any future COVID-19 announcements.

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