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Insurance Information for NCSMBA clubs

During December many clubs received a letter from Sutton Winsor Insurance Brokers, signed by both Michelle Donnachie of Sutton Winsor and ESMBA Chairman Barry Hedges, regarding the ESMBA Civil Liability Insurance Scheme that renews on 1st March 2021. NCSMBA Membership Secretary Teresa Goldsmith has received several phone calls and emails from Norfolk clubs confused by the content of the letter. Teresa has asked us to clarify that all current NCSMBA registered clubs, who have registered all their players for the 2020/21 season, are in compliance with both the NCSMBA Constitution and the ESMBA Constitution and should not be alarmed by the content of the letter. Obviously the handful of clubs who failed to register for the 2020/21 season are at present not now member clubs of the NCSMBA and their players are not registered players. Any such clubs that wish to re-register should contact Teresa, whose contact details can be found on the MANAGEMENT page of the website.     

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