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Advantage to Marrriott in Bure Cup

Thorpe Marriott will take a four point lead back to their own venue for the second leg of their Bure Cup clash with Horsford Heroes. The first leg started well enough for the Horoes as John Aggas beat John Jarvis 5-3 while Vic Webster’s triple drew with Kath Frost to give Horsford Heroes a 3-1 points lead. But Thorpe Marriott immediately hit back with Tony Oram’s triple beating Sue Fox 6-5 and Derek Sheldrake’s triple beating David Claxton 6-1. The match remained tight throughout but the visitors finished with a 14-10 points win, their top triple was Richard Perkins, George Clarke & Tony Oram who won two games by 6-5 and drew their remaining one 5-5. East Tuddenham are through to the semi-finals after Woodbastwick conceded their tie “due to a shortage of players prepared to play in evening matches being available.”

John Jarvis rs

John Jarvis of Thorpe Marriott

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