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Horsford BC through in Norwich Cup

Horsford BC entertained East Harling in the Norwich Cup and enjoyed a great start as Christine Walsgrove, Michael Strivens & David Claxton beat Glen Hume’s triple 9-2 and Dot Loftus, Cathy Fiddy & Pauline Strivens beat Mike Tarrent’s triple 9-1. The visitors fared better in the pairs as Jill Hayman & George Hume won by 8-3 against Keith Winder & Paul Isgate but the other pairing of Val Hestor & Matt Cunningham went down narrowly by 10-9 against the home pairing of Barbara Ayres & Malcolm Makins. In the second half the only winning game for East Harling was a 6-5 win for Colin Hayman, Len Deathridge & George Hume against Pauline Strivens’ triple but the other three games all went Horsford’s way. Keith Winder & Paul Isgate won 8-6, Christine Walsgrove, Michael Strivens & David Claxton won 9-3 and Barbara Ayres & Malcolm Makins won 8-7 as Horsford BC completed a convincing 12-4 home win to move into the next round.

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