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East Tuddenham win long overdue Bure Cup Final

East Tuddenham won the Bure Cup Final against Halvergate after an excellent showing in the second leg away from home. The Final, which should have been played by the middle of April, was played long past its play-by date with the first leg being played at East Tuddenham. Jean Woods, Joe Brown & Chris Mann collected two wins and a draw for Tuddenham as did Albert Palgrave, Simon Willies & John Turner but a fighting performance by Halvergate saw them limit the home side to a 14-10 points win. On paper this gave Halvergate a great chance in the second leg on their own mats but it was East Tuddenham who quickly took control and increased their lead as they won six of the opening eight games. At this point, 26-14 down on points, Halvergate had no chance of winning and conceded with four games outstanding.

chris mann 9 18 RS20

Chris Mann won games by 7-0 & 9-2 and added a 7-7 draw in the first leg

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