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Wymondham concede to Carter in Norwich Cup Final

Bob Carter retain the Norwich Cup after a decision by Breckland League giants Wymondham to concede the final without playing the second leg at their North Wymondham venue. After losing the away leg 13-3 against Tens League champions Bob Carter at Drayton the second leg was scheduled to take place at “fortress” Wymondham where the home side have hardly dropped a point all season. In another successful defence of the Breckland League title Wymondham collected 88 out of 90 points at their venue winning 35 triples games and losing on just one mat. Their ability to dominate opposition has been a hallmark in what has been another fantastic season for this highly talented team but Wymondham captain Mark Linsdell indicated that they did not do enough at Carters and had needed at least six points to stand a chance in the second leg. 

Bob Carter Nrw Cup 18 rs

The talented Bob Carter team pictured after last season's Norwich Cup Final victory at Connaught


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