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Memorial Pairs final entry details

Below are all the names who have entered this years memorial pairs, however there is an £8 surplus currently which means a pair has entered and have not written their names down. So if you believe you did put your names down please contact Chris Mann via 07902609165 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. asap please. 

1.      Tony Oram and Graham Mobbs

2.      Teresa and Selwyn Goldsmith

3.      Joan Costello and Geoff Payne

4.      Terry and Karl Newby

5.      Mike Smail and Tony Ottewell

6.      Gill Coleman and Peter Lock

7.      Shelia and Ted Redwood

8.      Janet Pinchen and George Clarke

9.      Jenny Walker and Majorie Hall

10.   Sylvia and Tony Turner

11.   Richard Perkins and Kath Frost

12.   Billie and Melvyn Barker

13.   Roger Steele and Steven Easter

14.   Mary Fisher and John Jeffery

15.   Brian Saunders and Jon Sparham

16.   Pat Saunders and Debbie Sparham

17.   G. Messent and K. Messent

18.   D. Markwell and L. Markwell

19.   D. Hunt and R. Marsh

20.   Mo and Mike Tarrant

21.   L. Deathridge and G. Hume

22.   L. Chilvers and N. Battley

23.   C. Jones and E. Jones

24.   C. Newman and G. Cody

25.   J. Horne and J. Kendall

26.   R. Beckford and I. Beckford

27.   Graham Tweed and Jane James

28.   John Poynter and Gerald Chilvers

29.   Chris Mann and Laura Hawksworth

30.   Gillian and Robin Amos

31.   Kerry Greenacre and Keith Cooke

32.   Mike Greenacre and Lesley Crowe

33.   Elaine and Bob Oatway

34.   Mike College and Keiran Suffolk

35.   Peter Harvey and Jason Martin

36.   Chloe Suffolk and Chris Piper

37.   Richard Broad and Shelia Bragg

38.   John Jarvis and Mike Boswell


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