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Ryan Fox retains under 18's crown

Halvergate's Ryan Fox was again the standout player in the under 18's national qualifier after a 100% record of six wins from six. The format was a round robin played twice with four players in total. Fox's first win was against County Council's Jack Gray winning 14-2 then he beat Thetford's Kieran Suffolk 13-3 and rounded off the first group with a 13-3 win over Chloe Suffolk also from Thetford. The next round of group games saw similar results of 14-3, 10-3 and 13-2 to Fox as he eased to victory and being a regular county player now this was expected with his experience. Thetford's Chloe Suffolk finished the first round of group games having won against her brother Keiran on the last end by 8-7 and drew against Jack Gray 4-4 in a tight match. The second round of group games saw another draw this time against Kieran and a 15-2 win against Gray sealed second place for Chloe. 


Ryan Fox


Chloe Suffolk

under 18 group

Ryan Fox, Jack Gray, Chloe Suffolk and Kieran Suffolk

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