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Norfolk Over 60's win away to Cambs Seniors

Norfolk Over 60’s enjoyed a solid win away to Cambs Seniors at March IBC this week. No less than four Norfolk triples reeled off three wins apiece as Cambs struggled against their visitors in a match that finished 35-15 in favour of Norfolk, 204-156 on shots. Glen Hume, Jill Hayman & Jane James three wins included an impressive 10-4 result against former England international Joe Peters. Jane James is having an excellent season at league level for Horsford Heroes and brought her good form into this match. Alice Payne, Tony Oram & Selwyn Goldsmith won their games by 11-2, 15-7 & 9-3, Sheila Redwood, Billie Barker & Gerald Chilvers won by 9-4, 10-4 & 13-3 and Elaine Oatway, Ted Redwood & John Poynter won by 8-4, 10-6 & 7-4. The only Cambs Seniors triple to pick up maximum points were Joyce Needham, Viv Hempsell & Charlie Waling with wins of 11-4, 7-6 & 16-3. Without their contribution the home sides points tally would have been in single figures.

thurs2 rs15

Glen Hume, Jane James & Jill Hayman

thur1 rs12

Viv Hempsell, Charlie Waling & Joyce Needham

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