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Shock defeat for Halvergate at Windows

After only winning three games out of fourteen in the Bure League last season Windows have now chalked up four wins from just seven games this season, an amazing transformation in form. This week brought them their biggest win of the season yet as they pulled off a shock 8-2 home win, 62-49 on shots, against defending champions Halvergate. Brenda Sizer, Diane Halford & Keith Halford opened for Windows with a 15-14 win against Mike Tate, David Knights & Keith Cooke and Paul Brock, Melly Woodhouse & Mick Boswell (pictured) made it a perfect first half beating Jackie Smith, Keith Baker & Jason Woods 15-13. After the break Val Harris, Andy Cheal & Andy Drummie achieved the biggest result of the night as they added a 20-7 win for Windows against Anne Baker, Ray Lamb & Robbie Lamb. It was left to John Norfolk, Steven Lamb & David Lamb to collect Halvergate’s only points of the match beating Roy Whitmore, Avril Walker & Diane Boswell 15-12. Diss continued their title push in the SNL with an 8-2 away win at bottom side Shropham. Terry Newby’s triple won 20-6, Graham Atter’s triple won 20-11 and Graham Mobbs’ triple won 18-6 while Dennis Green’s Shropham triple earned a 14-11 win against Trish Taylor for the home sides only points. 

Mike Boswell RS

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