"I am a Norfolk man and Glory in being so." Horatio Nelson


Norfolk Premier crush Northants

Norfolk Premier inflicted yet another heavy defeat on Northants reeling off a 30-10 points win in their I.C.C clash in Daventry. The home side had little to offer as the visitors repeated last years feat of six straight wins in the group stages. In the singles Jason Woods won by 12-11 & 17-12 and Kerry Greenacre & Keith Cooke won by 14-6 & 24-5 in the pairs. Nigel Willard & Simon Willies earned three points from four with a win of 18-7 and a 13-13 draw. Gary Best did likewise in the singles with an 18-8 win and a 14-14 draw. In the second session Peter Walker, Robbie Lamb, Rob Howlett & Melly Woods won by a resounding 23-3 against Chris Weston’s rink. Jack Marshall, Debbie Sparham & Jon Sparham enjoyed an 18-6 second session win while Elaine Willies, Ryan Fox, John Turner & David Lamb won their first game by 9-8. Northants made a late rally in the last session but Jenny Walker, Morgan Warnes & Simon Warnes scored a 15-5 win against Chris Hopkins’ triple. Norfolk Premier can yet again look forward with confidence to the knock-out stages. 

Jason Woods 9 18 RS15


Two wins for Jason Woods in the singles 

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