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England call up for Norfolk stars

The England teams have been named for the British Isles Championships in Wales which will be played on the 17th & 18th November. Gary Best of Bob Carter has been selected for England Premier and will play in a rink with Danny Langdon of North Yorks, Ryan Knight of Gloucestershire and Roger Wiggins of Oxfordshire. David Lamb of Halvergate, Jason Woods of Bob Carter, Neil Davidson of Hempnall and Simon Willies of East Tuddenham have all been picked for the England “A” team. Lamb will play with Nicky Tartlett of Kent, Chris Terry of Northants & Ed Sawbridge of Northants. Woods will play with John Mills of Herefordshire, Nathan Bailey of Hampshire and Eric Pavey of Devon. Davidson will play with Emily Thomas of Dorset, Ben Riley of Dorset and Alaster McCrea of Hampshire and Willies will play with Michael Tandy of West Mids, Mikey Ivings of Devon & Thomas Perris of Devon.

Gary Best resizeDavid Lamb 9 18 RSJason Woods 9 18 RS15neil davidson rs13Simon Willies resize

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