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Halvergate keep iron grip on Bure title

Halvergate kept up their winning streak in the Bure League. The defending champions racked up four big wins in their 10-0 home win against Horsford BC. David Lamb’s triple won 22-6, Jason Woods’ triple won 38-5, Ryan Fox’s triple won by 23-6 and Keith Cooke’s triple won 27-6 as they kept an iron grip on the title. Horsford Gold won 10-4 at home to Jarrolds in the City of Norwich League but will view this as four points dropped against a side who had failed to score more than two points in any away fixture so far this season. Jarrolds are 88 points behind Horsford Gold in the table, and will be delighted to have enjoyed their best away result this season against the league leaders. With Horsford Heroes close behind Horsford Gold in the table this result did not do the defending champions any favour. Never-the-less Horsford Gold emerged with a home win but this was mainly due to a terrific 31-3 win for Barbara Ayres, Steve Beckett and Ray Ayres against Peter Smart, Liam Andrews & Roger Hart while John Bugg’s triple earned them another win by 16-8. Kelly Andrews, Sally Rudling & Steve Andrews of Jarrolds pulled off a shock 11-6 win against Morgan Warnes’ triple and David Higgins’ triple added a 14-11 win against Mick Dale’s triple. In the Coastal Cup League Bradwell Dynamos visited Woodbastwick Eagles with a chance to strengthen their position at the top with a good away result but slipped to an 11-7 loss. This may prove just enough to hold on to the top spot but third placed Woodbastwick Owls still have a chance of overhauling them.

Ryan Fox Singles Champ    

Ryan Fox won 23-6 for Halvergate 

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