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Taverham win local derby against Costessey

Taverham will be delighted with a 12-2 home win against Costessey in their City League local derby. Lesley Turner, Fred Matthews & Brian Turner led the way with a 21-5 win against Sheila Bragg’s triple while Jane James’ triple beat Graham Tweed 12-9 and Margery Hall beat John Chapman 8-6. Joy Townsend’s triple earned the visitors only two points beating Robert Taylor’s triple 12-10. Costessey came away with an 8-6 away win the following evening at Jarrolds due to Pam Chapman, Will Townsend & John Chapman recording a massive 21-4 win while Jarrolds won the other three games. Windows won 12-2 at home to British Rail with Diane Halford, Di Boswell & Keith Halford winning 13-6.  

brian turner

Taverham's Brian Turner won 21-5 against Costessey

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