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Halvergate through to Norwich Cup final

Halvergate are through to the final of the Norwich Cup after an impressive display away to Wortwell. The Bure League champions made a great start winning the first five ends to lead 9-0 before the home side scored a single on the sixth end and another two shots on the seventh. Halvergate then continued to increase their lead and by the fourteenth end led 19-6. Any hopes the home side had of a comeback were shattered on the fifteenth end on which Halvergate had nominated their second wild card.  With arguably their top three bowlers on the mat, Keith Cooke, Jason Woods and David Lamb, they scored a full house six which counted as a twelve under the wild card rule and they moved 31-6 ahead at the halfway stage. Now totally in charge they won ten of the last fifteen ends to complete a 49-17 win although Wortwell finished with a flourish scoring a five on the thirtieth and final end. Halvergate fielded a strong side comprising of David Lamb, Keith Cooke, Jason Woods, Kerry Greenacre, Robbie Lamb, Ray Lamb, Steve Hall & Keith Baker while Wortwell’s team was Ron Saitch, Keith Worsfold, Chris Roberts, David Elliot, Tony Oram, David Blundell, Sheila Rusted & Tom Bell. Halvergate certainly made good use of their three wild card ends scoring on all three and earning an extra 9 shots. Wortwell nominated ends 2, 7 & 12 as their wild card ends but only scored on one of them which earned them one extra shot. In the Norwich Cup final Halvergate will play either Wymondham or Harling Yellow who play their semi-final match at North Wymondham on the 25th March. The final will be played at a neutral venue which will be announced at a later date when both finalists are known.

David Lamb 9 18 RS15    

Successful use of Wild Cards by David Lamb boosted Halvergate's fortunes 

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