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Hempnall win tremendous match at Halvergate

Hempnall are still unbeaten in the Tens League after a hard fought 2-0 win away to Halvergate. Hempnall’s Lesley Crowe & Chris Mann opened with an excellent 18-11 win against Roy Walker & Robin Amos but Halvergate’s Mike Tate, Ray Lamb & Morgan Warnes made it all square by beating Roger Parker’s triple 17-10. Hempnall retained their unbeaten run with one shot wins in both second half games. Lewis Cranston & Neil Davidson beat Robbie Lamb & David Lamb 15-14 while Colin Stevenson, Joan Cann & Paul Baker beat Simon Warnes’ triple 14-13. All in all a fantastic Tens League match with all eyes on the scoreboards throughout this tremendous battle in a league where total shots determine the outcome.

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