"I am a Norfolk man and Glory in being so." Horatio Nelson


Norfolk Premier score big I.C.C win

Jack Pye’s Norfolk Premier team produced a superb win against Kent Premier to give them themselves a great chance of winning their I.C.C group. Norfolk had suffered a surprisingly heavy defeat earlier in the season in Kent but hit back with a vengeance to inflict a heavy defeat in return. Player-Manager Jack Pye, skipping a pair with Neil Davidson at lead, played a major part in the proceedings as their pairing won their games by 13-11 & 12-9. With Morgan Warnes & Chris Willies winning their first game the Norfolk pairs collected eight of the ten points in that discipline. In the triples Norfolk took nine of the ten points as Robin Amos, Owen Cranston & Gary Best won their games by 16-8 & 15-6 while Simon Warnes, Debbie Sparham & Keith Cooke won their first game 20-5 and drew their second 11-11. Wymondham’s Chris Mann was in sparkling form in the singles winning by 20-9 & 18-8 which proved enough to earn the singles bonus points as well. Both Norfolk rinks earned a win each as Jack Marshall, Ryan Fox, Robbie Lamb & Jason Woods won their second game by 19-2 and Kerry Greenacre, Karl Newby, Simon Willies & David Lamb won their first game by 9-7 and collected the bonus points. The final score was 29-11 to Norfolk Premier on points, 216-149 on shots.

jack neil

Jack Pye & Neil Davidson - the Perfect Pair!


Chris Mann - Singles Maximum Man


Robin Amos, Gary Best & Owen Cranston - Top Triple

debs new

Birthday Girl Debs Sparham scored a win and a draw

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