"I am a Norfolk man and Glory in being so." Horatio Nelson


Norfolk Over 60's end Kent's hold on shield

In 2012 Kent Invicta and Norfolk Over 60’s began an Annual Challenge between the two teams and for five straight years the Kent side have emerged as winners. This year, when Norfolk established a 38-34 lead in the first leg in Kent, it was on the cards that the Over 60’s side might finally get their hands on the shield. At Hingham on Saturday the second leg, played on six mats, saw the first two sessions both drawn 6-6 but Norfolk increased their over-all lead with a narrow 7-5 points win in the third session. Kent Invicta were not prepared to let the shield slip away easily and came out fighting in the fourth session with their pairs taking an 8-4 points lead. But home advantage finally kicked in on the last two sessions with Norfolk’s triples winning the fifth session 8-4 on points and the Norfolk Pairs repeating the feat in the final session to clinch a 77-67 points win. Top Norfolk performers on the day were Gillian Amos, Tony Oram & Melvyn Barker who won all their games by 9-7, 11-9 & 22-1.    

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