"I am a Norfolk man and Glory in being so." Horatio Nelson


Norfolk Over 60's move top of the table

Defending Eastern England Over 60’s League champions Norfolk moved to the top of the table with a solid 22-12 home win against Cambridgeshire. Norfolk won three of the four games in each of the first three sessions with Cambs picking up six of their twelve points in the last session of the day. Three Norfolk triples collected maximum points. Joan Costello, Sue Fox & John Jarvis won by 11-9 & 26-6, Will Townsend, Janet Pinchen & Robin Amos won 17-4 & 19-6 and Margaret Reynolds, Malcolm Reynolds & Colin Coman won 15-9 & 14-7. In a friendly match away to Derek Barley’s Select Norfolk Over 60’s went down by just two points in a close and enjoyable encounter as they always are at Carlton Colville.

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