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Young Harling bowlers visit Over 60s

Harling’s impressive recruitment of young players took another step forward this week. Three of Harling’s new intake accepted an invitation from Norfolk Over 60’s Organiser Teresa Goldsmith to visit the county venue at Hingham for a triples game against three experienced bowlers. A close game saw the Over 60’s triple win by a small margin in a game enjoyed by Over 60’s members watching. Harling are a very well run club committed to continued expansion and can be proud of their efforts in promoting short mat bowls to young people in their village. Norfolk's qualifying heat of the National Under 18's looks to be the most hotly contested for years with Thetford's Kacy & Chloe Suffolk in contention.    

Under 1boys    

Future Norfolk stars perhaps? Charlie Aldridge, Marley Botterell & Ruben Spurdens of Harling Rec BC

Under 1Hh

The Harling lads with their Norfolk Over 60's opponents Brian Turner, Jenny Walker & Andy George 

Under 1Hc     Under 1Hf Under 1He


Thetford's Chloe & Kacy Suffolk are already in Norfolk Squad, pictured here with 93 year old Geoff Payne

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