"I am a Norfolk man and Glory in being so." Horatio Nelson


Norfolk Over 60's win at home to Northants

Norfolk Over 60’s entertained Northants Seniors in the Eastern England League and after winning five of the six sessions emerged with a 34-16 home win on points, 219-166 on shots. Norfolk enjoyed an excellent start winning all four games in the opening session. Kerry Greenacre, Mike Greenacre & Selwyn Goldsmith won 12-4, Keith Thomas, Russell Davidson & Terry Newby won 12-5, Jill Davidson, Sue Fox & Mike Boswell won 8-4 and Wendy Tweed, Graham Tweed & Jane James won by 8-6. Three more wins were added in the second session as Billie Barker, Will Townsend & Robin Amos won 13-3, Geoff Payne, Andy George & John Jarvis won 11-5 and Joan Costello, Jill Hayman & Sheila Bragg won 9-5 to leave Norfolk 14-2 up on points. Session three saw Norfolk move 20-4 up as Selwyn Goldsmith’s triple won 17-7, Mike Boswell’s triple won 11-3 and Jane James’ triple won 11-6. Three more wins came Norfolk’s way in the fourth session with John Jarvis winning 12-6, Sheila Bragg winning 10-6 & Robin Amos winning 11-8 to take the score to 26-6 in Norfolk’s favour. But in a sudden reversal of fortune Norfolk suffered a meltdown in session five with all four games going Northants way as they cut the deficit to 26-14. A good final session though resulted in a 34-16 win as John Jarvis won 11-5, Robin Amos won 9-6 as did Sheila Bragg giving Norfolk revenge for their 30-20 defeat in Northants earlier in the season. Defending champions Norfolk have now completed their fixtures and are top of the table on 128 points. Northants are second with 46 points but still have home and away fixtures with Cambridgeshire still to play. They will need to collect 83 points from those games if they are to win the title and that will not be an easy task. Cambs are third with just 26 points from their two games against Norfolk and look likely to finish in that position once again.  

AA1 rs Managers Alan Leslie & Teresa GoldsmithAA4 rs

Northants skip Brian Nelson studies the head

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Norfolk skip Robin Amos was in good form

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