"I am a Norfolk man and Glory in being so." Horatio Nelson


Maximum for Halvergate

Defending Bure League champions Halvergate collected maximum points at Horsford BC. Simon Warnes’ triple won 24-6, Morgan Warnes won 22-9, David Lamb won 22-6 and Robbie Lamb won 16-13 leaving Horsford BC stranded on the bottom with just one win from ten games. Hevingham also collected a 10-0 away win at Windows. Former Connaught player Steve Hall won 14-8, Maurice Kemp won 13-7, Aleck Haynes won 14-11 and David Sharpe won 15-13. Hevingham won a close match by 6-4 at home to Kirby Bedon. Steve Hall’s triple won 13-9 and David Sharpe’s triple won 13-12 for Hevingham. Kirby replied with a 13-8 win for Phil Watson while John Aggas held home skip Maurice Kemp to a 14-14 draw with the teams finishing 48-48 on shots. Kirby Bedon were involved in another tight match at Heroes but this time emerged with a 6-4 win on points, 58-57 on shots, after Carol Aggas, Joan Costello & John Aggas won 24-6 for the visitors. Heroes ran out comfortable 10-0 winners at home to Horsford BC with Chris Woodhouse leading the way with a 25-7 win.

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