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Strong second half earns Norfolk a win

Norfolk Over 60’s entertained Friends of Essex at Hingham in the second leg of their annual challenge match. After the first leg in Essex resulted in a draw the home side were hoping to make a good start on their fast Verde mats but it was Friends of Essex who were off the blocks quicker. With five wins for Essex and just three for Norfolk the visitors took a 10-6 points lead in the opening triples session. The pairs then took to the mats for session two which was drawn 8-8 on points, Keith Thomas & George Hume were the pick of the Norfolk pairs winning by 18-7 while an 11-8 win for Jenny Walker & Robin Amos would prove to be the first of four straight wins for this pairing who would finish as the only Norfolk bowlers on maximum points after their four games. Back came the triples for session three which resulted in Friends of Essex increasing their lead to 27-21 on points with four wins and a draw. Session four saw Norfolk start on the comeback trail after their pairs won on five of the eight mats to reduce the deficit to just 33-31. Keith Thomas & George Hume were again in dominant form winning by 21-6. Session five was drawn 8-8 allowing Essex to hold on to their two point lead with Steve Easter, Melvin Barker & guest reserve Neil Davidson earning Norfolk’s best win of 14-7. Norfolk finally took the lead after session six saw Norfolk pairs winning on six of the eight mats. The best result was a 14-6 win for Jenny Walker & Robin Amos as the home side took a 51-45 points lead. This increased to 61-51 after the triples won the penultimate session 10-6 with the top result a 12-5 win for Steve Easter, Teresa Goldsmith & Melvin Barker. Norfolk Over 60’s finished in style winning the final session of pairs 12-6 for a 73-55 points win with several home pairs winning well. Gill & Russell Davidson won by 18-4, Jenny Walker & Robin Amos won 15-3, Glen Hume & Sheila Bragg won 15-5, Geoff Payne & John Jarvis won 14-5, Janet Pinchen & Terry Newby won 13-8 and Jill Hayman & Jane James won 9-8.    

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