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Proposals carried as Breckland League is shaken up

The 2019/20 Breckland AGM had a larger than normal agenda which included four propsals in total and would make big changes if carried to the league like nothing seen before with it's constition barely changed since the league was first created. The first was to accept Thetford into the league which was unanimously carried. The second was to change the ends from 18 to either 16 or 15. Hingham had again proposed the league be changed to 15 ends which only Hingham voted for. Wymondham's proposal was to change the ends to 16 which was carried. The rationale behind the proposal was to keep the Breckland league different to the other Norfolk leagues still and with Thetford now joined would make more match's so this was seen as a compromise from the 15 ends continuelsy proposed before. The fourth proposal put forward by Banham was a more contentious issue around being able to play with nine players and then three players from the first half being able to play the second half also without penalty but not being able to play on the same mat. If the proposal was not carried then almost certainly Will Hoggan insisted would force Banham's hand in having to withdraw from the league with him struggling to fulfill twelve players along with Thetford also. But it was reminded the Breckland league already permits clubs to play with three triples but this does mean that a triple from the non-offending club has to sit out which is unffair although they do claim the points for that match. After much debate with some clubs saying it will see the rule being abused but others saying the clubs have to be honest with themselves and their members it was put to a vote. The vote was carried by the tightest of margins with 6 for and 5 against. This proposal however will only be added as an appendix to the constitution and will be trialed for the coming season with it being looked at again at next season's AGM. The underlying issues are clear to see that the sport is failing to attract numbers accross the country not only Norfolk and has seen the Wensum and Thurne leagues fold in recent seasons and the summer league now only two divisions, where once it had four at one time. These proposals are unfortunately put forward now to stop more clubs folding but it does bear the question where do you stop it further down the line if the trend continues? 

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