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Halvergate retain Bure League title

Halvergate won their final Bure League match 10-0 at home to Windows and leap-frogged their way past East Tuddenham to retain the title. With only three points actually needed to win the title there was little doubt of the final outcome but the 4-0 half-time lead allowed them to relax and start their celebrations early. Jackie Smith, Jamie Forster & Ryan Fox opened with a 19-7 win. At just sixteen years of age Ryan Fox has continued to make remarkable progress this season. The newly crowned England National Under 18’s Champion is now a vital component in Halvergate’s success and there seems no limit to what he can achieve in the sport. With Donna Lamb, Ray Lamb & Jason Woods amassing a big 31-5 win on the other mat Halvergate had achieved their objective and could relax and enjoy the moment. After the break Kerry Greenacre, Mike Harvey & Keith Cooke won 18-12 and Mike Tate, Robbie Lamb & David Lamb won by 20-17.

Halvergate 2019 team rs80

Halvergate's winning team against Windows tht clinched the title

Halvergate 2019 t3 RS80

31-5 win for Jason Woods, Donna Lamb & Ray Lamb



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