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Diss let big chance slip in SNL classic

Diss entertained Hempnall in a game that could have ended Hempnall’s long time hold on the South Norfolk League title, but the visitors dug deep to carve out a 6-4 away win inflicting on Diss the only defeat they have suffered all season. A tight first half was shared as Diss triple Colin Smith, Russell Davidson & Trish Taylor beat Colin Stevenson, Debbie Sparham & Jon Sparham 14-9 with Hempnall replying with a 14-8 win by Laura Hawksworth, David Blundell & Chris Mann against Ann Biddulph, Angela Bond & Tony Oram. Jill Davidson, Morris Taylor & Terry Newby scored another win for Diss beating Bernie Cudden, Owen Cranston & Paul Baker 15-14 but Neil Davidson, Mick Pearce & Gerald Chilvers clinched a vital away win beating Keith Buck, Allen Buckingham & Graham Mobbs by 16-10 to leave Hempnall 53-47 up on shots. Hempnall will have been delighted with this result after suffering an 8-2 home defeat at the hands of Diss earlier in the season. Diss still remain top of the table with 103 points having completed all their fixtures as have second placed Horsford Heroes on 98 points. But defending champions Hempnall sit on 96 points with one game to play and that is away to bottom of the table Shropham who have only won once this season. With a much better shot difference than Diss all Hempnall will need is to win by at least 7-3 at Shropham to retain the title.    

Gerald Chilvers

16-10 win for Gerald Chilvers vital for Hempnall's SNL hopes

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