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Wymondham to stage challenge cup final

Wymondham will host the Challenge Cup final between Bob Carter and Connaught on Monday 15th April with both clubs having played there this season at the challenging venue which will no doubt provide a good contest. Both clubs were given the option of a home and away final to make it more of an even contest but a neutral venue was pushed for by one of the club captains. Bob Carter made easy work of their semi final opponents Harling at their Drayton venue with Gary Best winning his singles matches by 11-4 and 14-5 while in the fours Elaine Willies, Rob Howlett, John Turner and Melly Woods won both their fours games by 20-3 and 13-6. Connaught had a tougher test at home against Hempnall in the other semi final with some close games being decided on the last ends. Owen Secker had a rare singles appearance for Connaught and the change worked with wins of 15-6 and 8-6. The fours for Connaught won both first half matches with Di Quadling, David Quadling, Derek Liles and Shelia Bragg winning 8-6 while Bill Adcock, Mike Parsons, Richard Harrison and Sylvia Parsons won 9-4. This meant that by the end of the third session Connaught had an unassailable lead so Hempnall captain Paul Baker decided to conceded the tie with the last session of fours not being played. 

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