"I am a Norfolk man and Glory in being so." Horatio Nelson


Halvergate get that winning feeling

Halvergate won by a huge 19-5 points margin at Horsford BC in the first leg of their Bure Cup tie with Horsford. Ray Lamb, Roy Walker & Simon Warnes won their games by 4-3, 8-4 & 6-4 to take maximum points from their three games. Also unbeaten were Mike Tate, Jason Woods & Robbie Lamb who won their opening game 13-3, then drew 3-3 against Dennis Seaton’s triple, before winning their last game 5-2. With little chance of overturning the huge deficit Horsford BC elected to concede the tie without playing the second leg at Halvergate. In the semi-finals Halvergate will meet Kirby Bedon. Halvergate also won 4-0 at Hevingham in the Tens League winning on all four mats. In the pairs Ryan Fox & David Lamb won 17-9 and David Knights & Keith Cooke won 19-13. The triples weighed in with Robbie Lamb winning 13-8 and Steven Lamb winning 15-10 as Hevingham endured a disappointing evening at their home venue.  

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