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Bure title race open as Halvergate lose at Hevingham

In the Bure League Halvergate were beaten at Hevingham as the home side capitalised on a big first half lead. A win for Halvergate would have taken them to the top of the table but it was Hevingham who opened strongly on both mats as the visitors struggled in both games. Richard Moore, Rex Cox & Aleck Haynes were in excellent form as they powered their way to a 21-5 win against Mike Tate, Ryan Fox & Jason Woods. Teresa Goldsmith, Marjorie Hall & Selwyn Goldsmith also built up an early lead that David Knights, Nigel Willard & Simon Warnes were unable to recover from with the home triple winning 15-7. This left Halvergate trailing 4-0 on points and 36-12 on shots at the break and facing a mountain to climb in the second half. When Hevingham’s Alan Bunn, Chris Brooks & Maurice Kemp kept the momentum going with a 20-7 win against Jackie Fortescue, Ray Lamb & Keith Cooke the defending champions knew they were facing their second defeat of the campaign. A 27-8 win for Halvergate’s John Norfolk, Robbie Lamb & David Lamb against Gill Bunn, Joyce Vincent & David Sharpe provided scant consolation in a surprise 8-2 defeat for the visitors. In the SNL Connaught beat Shropham 8-2 with Diane Quadling, Dave Quadling & Sheila Bragg winning by 18-8, Ann Bayes, David Flatt & Joe LiRocchi winning 14-5 and Mike Marlow, Alison Rush & Owen Secker winning 14-8. Richard Broad skipped his Shropham triple to a 13-10 win to secure their only points.

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