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Harling triple win Keith Banks event


Played on Sunday 18th November 2018

All 10 Breckland League clubs entered two teams in the annual event held at Hingham which was run over a round robin with four leagues of five teams with the winners and runners up progressing to the quarter finals. The event is sponsored by Hazell Banks who this year decided that as well as the trophies she would like the winners and runners up to receive cash prizes of £30 each to the winners and £15 each to the runners up.

Group Stage

Group A winners were, Wymondham’s M.Linsdell, runners up Harling Griffin’s L.Deathridge

Group B winners were Carleton Rode’s T.Newby Runners up Shropham’s R.Broad

Group C Winners were Connaught A’s L.Fallows Runners up Banham’s W.Hoggan

Group D Winners were Carleton Rode’s T.Taylor Runners up Forncett’s L.Preece


M.Linsdell won 10-1 against L.Preece, T.Newby won 7-6 against W. Hoggan, R.Broad won 8-6 against L.Fallows and L.Deathridge won 13-7 against T.Taylor


T.Newby won 8-7 after an extra end against M.Linsdell and L.Deathridge won 7-6 against R.Broad


L.Deathridge beat  T.Newby 7-6.

Chairman D.Ryder and Hazell Banks presented the winners and runners-up with their awards and Hingham was thanked for their use of equipment and preparing the venue. Cynthia Powell was thanked for teas etc. Bob Oatway was thanked for the smooth running of the event. The first photo is of Hazel Banks with the winners Jean Deathridge, Len Deathridge & Glenys Hume of Harling Griffins and the second is Hazel with Terry Newby, Morris Taylor & Karl Newby of Carleton Rode.

AA1 RS20

AA2 rs20


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