"I am a Norfolk man and Glory in being so." Horatio Nelson


Defending champions Norfolk Over 60's win in Cambs

The first match of the Eastern England Over 60’s League was played at March IBC in Cambridgeshire where Norfolk began their campaign as defending champions with a convincing 24-10 points win. The opening session put Norfolk firmly in the driving seat as they won on all four mats to take an 8-0 points lead. Kerry Greenacre, Mike Greenacre & Selwyn Goldsmith led the way with a 21-2 win while Jill Davidson, Andy George & Mike Boswell won 15-5, Reg Wilson, Pauline Wilson & Jock Pollock won 16-7 and Wendy Tweed, Graham Tweed & Jane James won 12-8. Cambridgeshire had a better second session which was shared to leave Norfolk 12-4 up at the halfway stage. Billie Barker, Joan Costello & John Jarvis won 14-6 for Norfolk while Jenny Walker, David Quadling & Melvyn Barker added a 14-9 win. A tight game on mat four was lost with Di Quadling, Sue Fox & Terry Newby going down 11-8 while Russell Davidson, Peter Fox & Steve Easter lost 16-9. Norfolk then increased their lead to 18-6 in the third session with Selwyn Goldsmith’s triple winning 18-3, Jane James’ triple winning 12-4 & Jock Pollock’s triple winning 11-7 while Mike Boswell’s triple slipped to a 13-7 defeat. The final session was drawn with John Jarvis’s triple winning 17-10 and Terry Newby’s triple winning 17-6. Russell Davidson, Peter Fox & Steve Easter went down 17-7 while Jenny Walker, David Quadling & Melvyn Barker lost by 14-9. This left Norfolk Over 60’s celebrating a solid 24-10 win on points, 207-138 on shots. Norfolk Over 60’s next league match will be away to Northants on Thursday 22nd November.     

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Two big wins for Selwyn Goldsmith, Kerry Greenacre & Mike Greenacre

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                                                                                                                                    Cambs Gerry Russell & Norfolk's Terry Newby toss for jack

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Cambs Joe Peters & Norfolk's Russell Davidson

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